Kula Baraka’s music is a blend of feminine energy, Jewish spirituality and intoxicating rhythms.  A world where eastern music meats the complexity of Jazz and fusion.

‘Kula Baraka’ brings spirit that makes borders transparent. Their music is appreciated by both Jewish and Arabs from countries as diverse as Israel, Morocco, Turkey, and all over Europe

The band’s pianist, Meytal-Bracha, is the one behind the compositions. She grew up in a secluded ultra orthodox community as a child, yet played the piano since 4 years old. In the mist of sounds and notes, you can hear the ordinary mix of Jewish and Middle Eastern music. Having traveled to Morocco, the music has the right amount of spice, to speed up your heartbeat. 

Rony Iwryn,  an internationally percussionist and artist, acts as the band’s musical director and arranger and brings the music to the highest level. 

 Together with Einat Harel and Lihi Eshel they bring the unexpected to the stage.


// percusion

Rony Iwryn is an Israeli percussionist borned in Uruguay. His music is inspired by his roots and influenced by his passion for world music. He played and recorded with some of the most well known Israeli artists such as: Ofra Haza, Idan Raichel, David broza, and many others. He also played with international artists, French singers such as Shirel and Lara Fabian. He is one of the founders of the Yemen Blues Band that has toured all over the world for the past few years and is loved by fans from around the world.



// keyboards


Meytal Bracha is a Pianist and a composer. Started playing the piano at the age of 4.

She learned the Santur (Persian instrument) in Israel's best school for middle eastern classical music, and later on added Jazz to the mix. She uses these colorful influences to create a new kind of language on the piano.

Meytal has played and collaborate with well-known Israeli singers such as: 

Eti Ankri, Din Din Aviv, Rona Keinan and played at   the Hullegeb Festival, with the ethiopian Saxophoe player- Abate Berihun.    


// drums


Einat is a gifted

drummer and one of Israel's most promising talents.  She collaborates and performs with various artists and ensembles such as: Yael Dekelboum, Yemen Blues and others. 



// bass


Lihi graduated from Berklee College of Music and has performed in numerous festivals around the world.  She plays with Israel's top artists  such as: Yoni Rechter, David Broza and Nachi Nech.


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